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Profile of 63 'tigers' caught in anti-graft drive


Updated: 2015-03-01 14:59:44


More to be expected in the military field

It is already a common consensus that nobody is off-limits in China's anti-corruption drive, which is clearly illustrated by the fact that the campaign has already expanded into the military, an area once considered "sensitive".

In a rare move last month, China released a list of 16 senior military officers who were investigated over corruption allegations in 2014, which was seen by observers as a sign of authorities' efforts to institutionalize the anti-corruption campaign and make it more visible to the public.

Seventeen senior military officers have faced probe since 2014, including one general (Xu Caihou), 4 lieutenant generals and 10 major generals. They covered the areas of central military departments, local military commands, different categories of troops and military colleges.

But the release of news about military officers is relatively slower compared to the investigation of non-military officials. For example, according to the official announcement of the probe of Xu Caihou in June 2014, his investigation had already started three months ago in March.

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