Handicapped writers association founded in NW China

Updated: 2012-02-28 17:04


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XI'AN - An organization representing handicapped writers in northwest China's Shaanxi province was set up on Tuesday.

Governed by the Shaanxi Provincial Writers Association (SPWA), the Shaanxi Provincial Handicapped Writers Association (SPHWA) will organize and promote new literature and research to boost the cultural development of handicapped people.

The SPHWA's will aim to promote exchange among handicapped literature lovers and the cultural industry of the province, said Wang Fangwen, secretary general of the SPWA.

In Shaanxi, there are more than 50 handicapped writers, including paralyzed playwright He Xulin and blind writer Hui Shiqiang, according to the SPWA. "They live and work in tough circumstances, which inspires their writings," said Wang.