Beijing plans campus police system

Updated: 2012-02-22 14:57


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Beijing is planning to dispatch "school police" this year in a bid to improve safety management and danger prevention in the city's kindergartens, primary and middle schools, Beijing Daily reported Wednesday.

The school police officers will be of two types: full-time officers and on-call officers, according to the preliminary plan.

The full-time school police officers would be stationed at schools or kindergartens, one officer responsible for one school. These officers are likely to be dispatched to kindergartens and primary schools, which are more vulnerable.

They will be stationed at four types of schools or kindergartens: middle schools with more than 800 students, primary schools with more than 500 students, kindergartens with more than 200 children and schools or kindergartens located in areas plagued by crime.

On-call officers may be responsible for several schools and work in a way like community police.

The main responsibilities of school police will be protecting schools, handling emergencies, conducting safety education for students, helping schools resolve on-campus disputes and coordinating with other agencies to maintain public security and order 200 meters around schools.

The majority of full-time school police officers will be selected from former policemen retired less than five years. The other group will be picked from current policemen working in communities.

Beijing has already selected some pilot schools for this program in the last year and dispatched school police officers to those schools. So far it has received positive feedback from schools and parents.