Tibet village raises toast to housing program

Updated: 2012-02-06 08:10

By Dachiog and Li Yao (China Daily)

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Tibet village raises toast to housing program

New highways have helped connect the village to the outside world, while most families now have cable TV receivers provided by the government.

An expressway linking Lhasa's suburbs with its airport in Gonggar was completed in July, and a railway line from the city to Xigaze has been under construction since September 2010.

"With the improved living environment and transport links, people have greater opportunities," Tashi said.

And the farmers and herdsmen of Quxu are making sure they take them.

Like many others, Tubtantanpel accepted the local authority's offer to borrow 100,000 yuan at a low interest rate. Along with 300,000 yuan in savings, he used the money to buy a truck and began transporting sand and gravel to construction sites.

Last year, the family earned 300,000 yuan from the business. They also run a convenience store from their home and farm a hectare of land.

When work resumes after Losar, Tubtantanpel said he expects to be able to pay back the government loan with interest within just a few months.

"I have no worries about the future," said Dawa, Tubtantanpel's 63-year-old wife. "I only hope my family will stay healthy and safe, and that the country maintains its peace and stability."

Grain harvests in Quxu in recent years have been abundant, with the family reaping 4,760 kilograms of grain last year. They sold 4,200 kg to buy new furniture, but still have two rooms stocked with 6,000 kg of barley, wheat, peas and rapeseed in nylon bags, enough to last them two years.