China enables migrant workers better blend in city

Updated: 2012-01-05 06:40


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BEIJING - The Ministry of Civil Affairs has worked out a guideline to give the country's migrant workers greater access to urban community-based public services and help them better adapt to life in the city.

The guideline urges efforts to extend public services offered in urban communities, including employment, public health, social insurance, legal aid and educational services, to cover migrant workers living in urban areas, according to a ministry statement issued Wednesday.

More initiatives will be introduced to promote the employment of migrant workers by encouraging community-based companies and public institutions to employ them, the guideline says.

It calls for greater efforts by community management authorities to help migrant workers solve labor disputes and safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

The guideline also urges efforts to find ways for migrant workers to take part in the selection of members of community management committees.

Helping migrant workers get along with urbanites and adapt to city life will be of great significance for social harmony, according to the guideline.

Official statistics show that there are 164 million migrant workers nationwide.