Beijing chengguan banned from chasing vendors

Updated: 2011-11-19 21:34

By Xu Pingting (

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Peddlers running away, chased by urban management officers. This scene may never be seen again in Beijing.

Beijing urban management authority on Friday issued "three bans" and "four no's" including forceful seizure of goods and chasing people on foot, Beijing Evening News reported.

The three bans are: beating, abusing or insulting the other party; taking goods and giving advance notice of any action. The "four no's" are: forceful temporary seizure of goods; forceful check on vehicles, chasing vehicles and chasing people on foot.

They will crack down on violent resistance in order to protect the legal rights of urban management officers, or chengguan, Beijing urban management authority chief Li Runhua said.

The urban management sector will build a linking system with public security sectors in fields such as daily cooperation, emergence reaction, and 110 hotline, Li added.

More than 7,000 urban management officers and 6,500 security guards and assistants will receive training on the new regulations.