China calls on US, Japan to keep their word on Taiwan issue

Updated: 2008-03-22 08:35

BEIJING - China has called on the United States and Japan to keep their word on the Taiwan issue.

"China hopes the United States and Japan will carry out their promises of not supporting 'Taiwan independence' or Taiwan authority's proposed 'referendum on UN membership'", Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi said in a written interview with Russia's Interfax news agency.

Yang made the remarks in response to a question on the influence of Taiwan issue on Sino-US and Sino-Japanese relations.

Yang told the Russian journalist that Taiwan issue is one that matters the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of China and a great concern of 1.3 billion Chinese people and tens of millions of overseas Chinese.

Taiwan issue has always been the most important and sensitive one in the relations between China and United States.

Addressing the issue based on the one-China policy is pivotal to the healthy and stable development of mutual ties, he said.

The issue is also significant in China-Japan relations, Yang added. To handle the issue properly is a fundamental condition for the smooth development of China-Japan relations.

Yang said that the situation across the Taiwan Straits now is "highly complex and sensitive" and that Chen Shui-bian clings obstinately to secessionist activities, including the "referendum on UN membership". This poses a serious threat to peace and stability in the region, he said.

Yang said that the United States and Japan had already said many times they support the one-China policy and oppose "Taiwan independence" and the proposed "referendum on the UN membership".

In a reply to the questions on linking issues like human rights to the Beijing Olympics, Yang said China welcomes constructive advices and criticism, but objects to intervention in its internal affairs and intervening the Beijing Olympics with political purposes.

"(The linkage) violates the common aspiration of the international community and the Olympic spirit", Yang said, adding it would be unfair to China and unfair to the Olympics and all people who share their passions for sports, Yang said.

Yang said the upcoming Beijing Olympics is a world event and it is the common expectation of the people around the world to see the Beijing Olympics success.

Yang said that China hopes the international community to take a responsible attitude toward the event, and China believes the Beijing Olympics will be a successful event with the support and participation of various nations.

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