China set to clamp down on polluting factories

Updated: 2007-10-07 11:23

Feng Jing told the Washington Post reporter that worse offenders are still operating.

"As a civilian, I cannot say that current measures taken by the government are wrong . . . but the government really has gone a little too far," Feng said.

Wang Guoxiang, director of the Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences at Nanjing Normal University in Jiangsu province, said government engineers tried every scientific alternative possible, spending $1.3 billion to try to save Taihu Lake. They dug up the silt and replaced it. They poured fresh water into the lake and redirected rivers to try to wash the pollution away. They even seeded clouds to create rain to dilute the polluted water.

But it took an algae crisis to force the government to start closing companies.

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