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Mogao Grottoes revitalized by digital 3D technology

Updated: 2014-01-23 10:56 (People's Daily Online)

According to Dunhuang Academy, over 5 million people have visited the Mogao Grottoes in the past ten years. The protection of Mogao Grottoes is facing great pressure due to the increasing number of visitors. The carbon dioxide and moisture bringing in by the visitors have damaged the murals and statues to some extent. Therefore, some of the grottoes, including the No.220 grotto which is famous for the mural portraying the pure land of Medicine Buddha, have to be closed permanently.

In 2011, sponsored by Friends of Dunhuang (Hong Kong), the No.220 grotto was revitalized by digital 3D technology and opened to the public under the joint efforts of Hong Kong and Dunhuang Academy.

Mogao Grottoes revitalized by digital 3D technology
The photo is the mural picture before being recolored. It took 30 experts from different fields six months to finish the digitalization of 3D image of the mural in No. 220 grotto. [Photo /] 

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