Business / Nuclear plants construction to resume

China to resume construction of nuclear plants

[2012-10-25 01:11]

The construction of new nuclear power stations, which had been suspended since the Fukushima disaster in March 2011, will be resumed in China.

China strives to develop new, renewable energy: white paper

[2012-10-24 16:55]

China will make unswerving efforts to develop new and renewable energy to protect ecological environment and achieve sustainable development, according to a white paper released Wednesday.

China's clean-energy-generated power usage rises

[2012-10-24 16:35]

China consumed 715.7 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity generated by clean energy sources in the first nine months of 2012, up 22.5 percent year-on-year.

State Council approves nuclear security plan

[2012-10-16 17:18]

The State Council, or the central government, has approved a plan for nuclear security and radioactive contaminant prevention by 2020.

CGNPC gives up joint bid for UK nuclear project

[2012-10-04 10:09]

China Guangdong Nuclear Power Holding Co Ltd and French nuclear giant Areva SA have dropped out of the bidding for the UK's planned nuclear Horizon project.

Nuclear firm to boost safety amid typhoon threats

[2012-08-18 13:53]

The China National Nuclear Corporation has vowed improved safety measures for its nuclear plants in order to prevent potential damage from floods and typhoons.

Nuclear plants told to improve safety management

[2012-06-20 16:34]

China ordered three nuclear power stations to improve safety management procedures in case of severe accidents, according to the National Energy Administration website.

Green light for nuclear IPO

[2012-06-07 13:36]

China National Nuclear Power Co won permission from environmental authorities to sell shares to finance 174 billion yuan ($27 billion) in projects in the nation's first initial public offering by a developer of atomic energy.

Nuclear safety plan gets nod

[2012-06-01 14:44]

China, the world's biggest energy user, has adopted a five-year plan to ensure nuclear safety in the country.

Gov't academy advises boosting nuclear power

[2012-05-31 14:31]

A Chinese government-sponsored academy has advised increasing the country's installed capacity of nuclear power generation to 60-70 gigawatts (gW) by 2020, local media reported Thursday.

China's nuclear industry reeling

[2012-05-19 09:35]

Japan's nuclear emergency has left a mark on Chinese nuclear industry, which have since seen billions of yuan worth of orders postponed.

Safer nuclear energy

[2012-03-26 15:29]

The second Nuclear Security Summit, which opened on Monday in Seoul, should be an occasion to consolidate consensus on nuclear security among members of the international community.

Nation plans to import more uranium

[2012-03-13 08:08]

China plans to import more uranium this year than last year and to buy uranium mines abroad, looking particularly toward Canada for that purpose, said Qian Zhiming, deputy director of the National Energy Administration.

Building of nuclear plants to resume

[2012-03-08 08:17]

China will soon resume the approval and construction of nuclear power plants, senior officials said during the plenary session of the CPPCC National Committee on Wednesday.