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Beijing air gets 'better' but still lacks target

[2012-01-09 07:13]

The amount of tiny particulate matter in the air detected in the capital has been decreasing in the past 10 years, according to the city's environmental regulator.

Beijing to release PM 2.5 data

[2012-01-07 09:34]

Just before Spring Festival this year, the capital city will start releasing data about the amount of tiny particulate matter that is detected in the air.

Daily report on PM 2.5 density soon

[2011-12-26 17:11]

Pilot monitoring showed the density of PM 2.5 in Shanghai exceeded the national standards of grade II air quality from 2006 to 2010. A daily report on PM 2.5 level in Shanghai will likely be published from next year.

Industries top cause of pollution

[2011-12-16 14:31]

Industries produce more than 65 percent of air pollutants and seriously impair people's health, says a report released on Thursday by a Beijing-based environmental group.

Beijing's coal use to be capped

[2011-08-30 11:03]

The capital city will cap its annual coal consumption at 20 million tons by 2015, as part of its plan to release less carbon and further reduce air pollution.

China meets pollution control targets for 2006-2010

[2011-08-29 16:28]

China met two major pollution control targets from 2006 to 2010, said the country's environment watchdog on Monday.

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