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Import tariffs lowered to boost consumption

[2012-12-18 09:21]

China will lower the tariffs on 784 imported products starting from January as part of a major effort to boost domestic consumption.

Baby formula regulations applauded in HK

[2012-11-21 09:20]

A Hong Kong government proposal to ban all forms of advertising on baby formula for infants under three years old has won the backing of some stakeholders.

Industry opposes HK govt ban on baby formula ads

[2012-10-31 11:01]

A leading baby formula manufacturer says it opposes the Hong Kong government's proposal to ban all forms of advertising on formula for infants aged 6 months to 3 years old.

Cheap imports hurt Chinese milk powder producer

[2012-09-29 17:31]

Milk powder manufacturer Beingmate's plans to invest in a project to boost its supplies of raw materials may be unnecessary in light of price cuts that have made foreign milk powder cheaper to purchase.

Agency admits error in baby formula additive tests

[2012-07-11 17:23]

An agency in Hunan said that their previous tests showing that some imported baby formulas contain the banned additive Vanillin are invalid.

China to markedly improve food safety

[2012-07-04 13:10]

The State Council on Tuesday announced a decision to markedly improve food safety, aiming to effectively solve prominent problems in three years.

Mercury-tainted products may hit Yili revenue

[2012-06-18 10:53]

The revenue of Yili Industrial Group Co will slow to 9 percent this year after excessive amounts of mercury were found recently in its baby formula products.

Baby formula recalled after mercury tests

[2012-06-15 09:22]

Yili, one of China's biggest dairy product manufacturers, suffered a setback when batches of baby formula were found to contain excessive mercury.

Yili exposed over mercury in baby formula

[2012-06-15 08:56]

China's consumer quality regulator said it has found an "unusual amount" of mercury in baby formula produced by Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co.

Psychology pushes up imported milk powder price

[2012-05-16 15:31]

Chinese consumer psychology has an obvious influence on the rising price of foreign imported milk powder, Guangzhou Daily reported Wednesday.

China's mums key to Nestle baby milk deal

[2012-04-25 11:19]

The rise of the middle-class Chinese working mothers helps explain why Nestle paid nearly $12 billion for Pfizer's baby food business.

China bans bovine colostrum in infant formula

[2012-04-19 09:14]

The Ministry of Health on Wednesday issued a ban on the use of bovine colostrum or dairy products made of the material in the production of baby formula.

High profit drives up imported milk powder prices

[2012-04-16 17:35]

Imported milk to China has risen in price four times at an average rate of 10 percent since 2008 when Sanlu, a Chinese dairy company, was revealed to be selling melamine-tainted milk.

Customs clarifies milk tariff policy

[2012-03-31 09:56]

The General Administration of Customs said it had not adjusted the tariff-exemption policy on luggage belongings and personal mailed items entering China, saying reports misunderstood the imposition of a 10-percent tax rate for milk powder imports.

Formula worries resurface after baby boy dies

[2012-01-16 08:49]

On Thursday, a family in Duchang county in East China's Jiangxi province said that twins were sickened after being fed the newly-bought formula from Synutra on Jan 6.

Parents blame baby formula

[2012-01-13 07:40]

Infant twins fell ill day after being fed newly bought product; boy died.

Gates envisions nuclear future for China

[2011-12-08 16:40]

China's biggest online shopping website, Taobao, has blocked Meiji baby formula from its search results since Meiji Dairies Corp of Japan announced on Tuesday that radioactive cesium was found in the product.

Import ban on milk powder from Japan remains

[2011-12-07 17:17]

China has banned milk powder imported from Japan since last year, the country's quality watchdog said Wednesday after radioactive cesium was found in baby formula produced by a major Japanese food company.

Insect found in imported milk powder

[2011-11-01 15:42]

A citizen in Qingdao surnamed Wang claimed compensation from a distributor after finding a live insect in Friso Care milk powder imported from The Netherlands.

Milk powder imports to dominate market

[2011-09-17 08:06]

China's milk powder imports have surged more than fourfold since 2008, when the melamine-tainted baby formula scandal was exposed, pressing hard on domestic milk powder manufacturers.

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