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Carrefour apologizes for price gouging

[2012-12-17 10:25]

A senior executive with Carrefour headquarters has apologized for price gouging in north China's Shanxi province and promised to strengthen management.

Carrefour should know the price

[2012-12-14 17:37]

Carrefour is at the crossroads in China: whether or not to allow its already-dented image to further erode.

Chinese authorities confirm Carrefour price gouging

[2012-12-13 16:11]

Market regulators in Shanxi confirmed that a Carrefour outlet in the provincial capital of Taiyuan has engaged in price gouging.

Carrefour store accused of pricing fraud

[2012-12-11 07:43]

The local government in North China's Shanxi province is investigating a Carrefour SA store that has been accused of pricing fraud.

Carrefour accused of price gouging in N. China

[2012-12-10 17:48]

A Carrefour outlet in the city of Taiyuan in Shanxi province has been implicated in a price gouging scandal after an initial inspection.

China Resources to buy Carrefour stake

[2012-11-27 10:56]

China Resources Enterprise Ltd is seeking to buy a stake in Carrefour SA, Les Echos reported on Monday, citing unidentified people.

Carrefour's Indonesian exit will not affect China plans

[2012-11-22 16:47]

Carrefour SA is to close its stores in Indonesia, but the move will not affect its expansion plans in China.

Carrefour denies selling China operations to Chinese firm

[2012-08-31 14:33]

Carrefour Group on Friday denied rumors that it will sell its China operations to a Chinese company.

Carrefour's Singapore exit won't affect China

[2012-08-30 09:26]

Carrefour SA, the world's second-largest retailer by revenue, has assured that its exit from Singapore will not affect its operations in the Chinese market.

Collective talks give pay increase

[2012-08-20 02:40]

Workers at Carrefour's Shanghai company will see their total wages increase by 7.5 percent as a result of collective bargaining.

Carrefour to hire store managers

[2012-06-02 11:48]

France's Carrefour SA China plans to recruit more than 20 store managers from among Chinese MBA students to support its rapid expansion plans in the country.

Carrefour to hire Chinese MBAs

[2012-05-30 09:50]

France's Carrefour SA China plans to recruit Chinese MBA students as store managers to support its fast expansion plans in the world's second largest economy.

Carrefour denies selling oilfish as cod

[2012-04-19 17:58]

Carrefour denies the accusation posted by a micro-blogger that its stores sell oilfish as cod, saying the cod on sale in its stores are silver pout and buffalo cod which have proper certificates from import authorities.

Chinese NGOs say big brands buy from polluting textile firms

[2012-04-11 10:36]

Chinese environmental campaigners have accused 46 Chinese and multinational clothing brands and retailers of purchasing from suppliers who illegally discharge polluted water in China.

Carrefour store closed after TV report

[2012-03-19 09:30]

Retail giant Carrefour temporarily shut down a store in Central China's Henan province on Sunday morning, three days after the store was exposed in the media for changing expiration dates on chicken products and selling regular chicken as more expensive free-range poultry.

Brands in trust crisis

[2012-03-16 18:00]

A CCTV program uncovers a series of companies' wrong doings on March 15, China's Consumer Rights Day.

Global supermarkets conquer China

[2011-12-09 10:03]

China's entry to the World Trade Organization (WTO) a decade ago opened the floodgates to foreign investment in a variety of areas, but the retailing sector is surely the most potent symbol of how foreign businesses have come, competed and conquered on the levelling field.

Woman seeks damage for Carrefour error

[2011-11-30 14:53]

A 72-year-old woman, Wang Yulan, has initiated legal procedures against Carrefour after she was falsely accused of stealing in the supermarket, her lawyer said on Tuesday.

Sales of expired food fined

[2011-10-15 07:25]

Authorities have determined that Wal-Mart and Carrefour stores in Changsha sold food products bearing altered production dates.

Carrefour taken to court for expired cheese

[2011-08-17 18:11]

Carrefour has been accused of refusing to refund after selling out of date cheese, National Business Daily reported.

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