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Auto museum inspires childhood memories

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The 50,000 square-meter Beijing Automotive Museum is located in the city's southwestern Fengtai District. This is the first government-funded museum dedicated to automotive vehicles.

Construction on the museum started in 2006, concluding four years later in 2010. After a trial run, the museum officially opened to the public in 2011. Boasting a collection of over 80 cars from China and abroad, the museum features everything from "prototype" wheeled vehicles from ancient China to flagship models of today's leading brands. Highlighting the "history, technology, the future" of the automotive world, the Beijing Automotive Museum also has exhibits on safe driving, a car-driving experience and other interactive installations.

Auto museum inspires childhood memories

The Beijing Automotive Museum, located in the capital's southwestern district, Fengtai, was modeled after the original design for the facility, which was a joint effort by German architecture firm Henn Architekten and Canadian firm B+H. The museum's construction began in 2006. After some delays, the structure was completed in 2010. It officially opened its doors to the public in 2011.[Photo/]

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