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Beijing planners move to make fare deal on taxis

By Xu Xiao (China Daily) Updated: 2013-05-06 07:13

In a move to integrate Beijing's fragmented taxi industry and motivate taxi drivers, the Beijing municipal government will implement a new regulation on hotlines, the Internet and mobile apps from June 1.

The regulation will raise the current fee from 3 to 8 yuan for each booking of four hours or more before using a taxicab. An immediate booking - a call less than 30 minutes in advance - will cost 5 yuan.

Beijing planners move to make fare deal on taxis

With the taxi business fragmented among many companies in Beijing, the city government is standardizing hotlines, a website and mobile phone apps for advance booking. [Wu Changqing / for China Daily]

The regulation also stipulates that Beijing's transportation authority will establish a uniform system to provide round-the-clock booking services through hotlines, a website and mobile apps.

Beijing currently has two major taxi hotlines - 96103 and 96106 - run by separate companies.

The Beijing Transportation Commission noted earlier that relatively few passengers now book taxis through hotlines, only about 30,000 rides out of more than a million each day.

Some taxi drivers told reporters that their major concerns are traffic jams and passengers failing to keep appointments.

But Jin Li, general manager at the 96103 call center, said the new regulation will encourage taxi companies and drivers to improve reservation services.

Jin said some companies have now made compulsory requirements for drivers to respond to bookings.

The companies will also give rewards to drivers who offer the service.

"Each month we will give gasoline debit cards and other awards to the 100 drivers who accept the most bookings," said Jin.

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