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Healthcare company to expand in China

[2012-05-24 19:57]

Healthcare company Roche Diagnostics is planning to increase its presence in China.

China to expand medical payment reform

[2012-05-16 09:13]

China plans to expand medical payment reforms to ensure that new payment systems will be implemented throughout the rural areas by 2015.

Li puts focus on medical reform

[2012-04-19 09:17]

Vice-Premier Li Keqiang called to make basic medical services a "public product" for all Chinese citizens and healthcare reform will overcome any challenges.

Health market value to top $70 b in 2015

[2012-04-17 20:47]

China will use more health products than the United States in 2015, making it the largest market for such products in the world.

Minister vows to deepen healthcare reform

[2012-04-12 14:49]

Chinese Health Minister Chen Zhu has vowed to deepen the healthcare reform initiated three years ago until it "meets the public's expectation."

Fairer and better healthcare for all

[2012-04-06 08:04]

China's economy has developed significantly in the last decades, lifting millions of people out of poverty and improving their health. One of the consequences of the nation's economic progress has been the increase in life expectancy, to 72.5 in 2010. Despite this progress, however, many health issues remain unresolved. While the wealthier portion of the Chinese population has benefited from advanced health technologies, many among the poor do not have adequate access to even the most essential services.

Significant increase in healthcare aid programs reported

[2012-03-30 08:02]

China, along with other BRICS countries, has significantly increased health aid programs to less-developed nations since 2005, according to a report by Global Health Strategies Initiatives on the eve of the summit in New Delhi.

Healthcare reform roadmap

[2012-03-26 15:32]

Healthcare reform is meant to provide residents with an affordable, quality medical service, which explains why any central government policy on healthcare catches the attention of the public.

Privacy becomes core healthcare issue

[2012-03-15 08:03]

Request for ID prior to blood tests causes concern over data protection, reports Shi Yingying.

Hospitals 'hardest' hurdles in healthcare reform

[2012-03-04 09:00]

The State Council will issue a five-year action plan for China's ongoing healthcare reform soon, aiming for affordable and universal medical care for everyone.

Mental healthcare emerges from the shadows

[2012-02-03 08:03]

Finally issue begins to get attention it deserves but much needs to be done, Yang Wanli and Wu Wencong report in Beijing.

Health system to get shot in the arm

[2011-11-30 07:22]

China is set to progressively promote commercial health insurance programs as the country appears to be more determined to tap all resources to strive for healthcare for its citizens.

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