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Government funds green purchases

[2012-05-17 13:20]

China will provide financial subsidies of 26.5 billion yuan ($4.2 billion) to stimulate the consumption of energy-saving products.

Green light bulbs 'may pollute water'

[2009-12-31 07:48]

The widely publicized energy-saving bulbs, which now are a source of light in millions of Chinese households, may well be causing mercury pollution in many parts of the country.

Philips casts light on energy-saving products

[2009-12-28 08:08]

Meng Guiyuan, a 62-year-old Nanjinger, went to a neighboring supermarket to buy light bulbs and selected the most energy-saving ones.

Green air-conditioner makers get subsidy

[2009-06-03 14:23]

China announced Tuesday that 1,140 models from the country's 19 air conditioner makers are eligible for state subsidy.

China warms to greener refrigerators and air-cons

[2009-06-02 14:20]

China aims to save 75 terawatt hours of power per year, the equivalent of 75 million metric tons of carbon dioxide, by promoting energy-efficient air-conditioners and other home appliances.

Home appliances going green

[2009-04-13 07:46]

The first Bosch and Siemens (BSH) direct distribution store in China, which recently opened in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, has a corner dedicated to energy-saving and environmentally-friendly products.