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China expects more co-op in CCS technology: expert

[2010-09-29 11:33]

Experts are calling for more cooperation between China and other nations in developing carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies as institutions from the United Kingdom prepare to announce at the Shanghai Expo the launch of a UK CCS research facility.

China a world leader in alternative power development

[2010-09-16 15:32]

China is a leader in the development of non-traditional electrical power, with its world-leading expansion of alternative power generation, says the head of the country's energy company at the World Energy Congress 2010 on Wednesday.

Not funds, but eligible green projects are the key

[2010-09-10 17:18]

While there is enthusiasm from private equity funds, venture capital and even individuals to invest in China's new energy sector, there are not enough qualified projects.

China, Japan willing to push forward climate talks

[2010-08-30 09:48]

China and Japan are willing to push forward international climate change talks, based on respective responsibilities and capabilities of both countries.

China to hold green industry Expo in November

[2010-08-12 00:19]

China will hold an international green industry expo from November 24-27 in Beijing, which will serve as a new platform of cooperation between domestic and overseas companies in developing a green economy, Vice Minister of Commerce Jiang Yaoping said Wednesday.

Demand for solar PV energy to top 500,000 kW

[2010-07-28 11:47]

China's domestic demand for solar photovoltaic (PV) energy would reach 500,000 kilowatts this year, said Liu Qi, deputy head of the National Energy Administration (NEA), on Tuesday.

A clean, green reputation

[2010-07-23 11:42]

The greenery and exotic plants featured in the New Zealand Pavilion offer a scenic alternative to the glass and steel structures and countless video productions found in most pavilions in the Expo Garden.

China's auto production base steers to 'green' future

[2010-07-23 11:39]

Visitors to an international automobile fair in Northeast China this year noticed a change taking place at the event: a greater number of hybrid and all-electric vehicles on display.

Automakers quicken energy-efficient vehicle development

[2010-07-20 10:58]

Chinese automakers have begun to ramp up efforts to develop hybrid autos, a move which industry experts said is crucial for China to transform from being a "big nation" to a "powerful nation" within the auto industry.

TradeWinds Shipping China 2010

[2010-07-19 14:43]

TradeWinds Shipping China 2010 moves to examine every important facet of the shipping industry's fortunes.

Cui Jian rocking for a green world

[2010-05-28 07:49]

Cui Jian, the godfather of China's rock 'n' roll, added environment protector to his rsum, when he announced he would perform at a two-hour outdoor concert, Green Now, on June 5, to celebrate the World Environment Day at the Shanghai World Expo.

Low-carbon lifestyle contest

[2010-05-26 10:08]

Veteran filmmaker John Woo will lead the jury of the Golden Goblet Award, the main competitive segment of the 13th Shanghai International Film Festival, which will open on June 12 and last nine days.

Environment Special: Bayer environmental effort opens at Beijing Forestry University

[2010-05-24 07:57]

To make a contribution toward "building a low-carbon society", the eighth Bayer Young Environmental Envoy Program began its effort in the nation's capital at Beijing Forestry University in April.

Power stations to be closed to reduce emissions

[2010-05-22 14:34]

China's energy watchdog, the National Energy Administration, signed agreements with 26 provincial governments Friday to close at least 10 million kilowatts of outdated coal-fuelled power capacity before October this year.

Forum explores China's low carbon development

[2010-04-26 17:23]

It is imperative that China establish a carbon finance system to participate in international carbon trading and strive for its say in the pricing system, experts attending a forum said, discussing how China should develop its own low carbon economy.

Capital can lead green revolution

[2010-04-07 08:00]

While the capital's per-capita GDP falls short of world city levels, Beijing has the potential to become a global leader in the "low-carbon" concept, experts said.

2010 Outdoor Lifestyle Hangzhou Fair

[2009-11-18 14:46]

Outdoor Lifestyle Hangzhou Fair will attract reputed suppliers, buyers and agents from around the globe.

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