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New warnings on HK beauty treatments

[2012-11-16 09:50]

Complaints about invasive beauty treatments, including plastic surgery, cosmetic injections and laser therapy jumped 40 percent in the first 10 months of this year in Hong Kong.

Draft to ban child plastic surgery without approval

[2012-10-22 17:03]

Medical facilities in Guangzhou will be banned from performing plastic surgery on minors without the approval of a parent or guardian, under a draft published by the city authority, Guangzhou Daily reported on Monday.

HK woman dies after beauty treatment

[2012-10-11 15:05]

A 46-year-old woman suffering septic shock after the blood transfusion treatment at a Hong Kong beauty center died this morning, the city's government said on Wednesday.

Cosmetic surgery tourism boost during holiday

[2012-10-08 10:28]

During the just finished eight-day holiday, which combined Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day break, the number of Chinese visitors to South Korea was expected to reach a record high - about 100,000.

UK to review cosmetic surgery industry

[2012-08-15 17:21]

Britain has launched a review of the cosmetic surgery industry, which could lead to tighter restrictions on the way companies operate and market their services in the wake of the PIP breast implant scandal.

China to tighten control of cosmetic surgeries

[2012-08-13 21:34]

The Ministry of Health on Monday released a circular urging strengthened management of medical cosmetic institutes and their advertisements amid concerns about customer safety.

Cosmetic surgery

[2012-07-16 08:59]

Han Ji-Hye won Cosmetic Surgery Model Contest.

Facing up to life

[2012-05-08 10:53]

An initiative to help individuals born with a need for cosmetic surgery is giving hope to those who can't afford the procedures.

China to offer free plastic surgery to heroes

[2012-03-27 20:58]

A project has been launched to offer free plastic surgeries to low-income heroes for their brave actions for just causes

'Plastic surgery needs higher standard'

[2012-03-19 14:04]

Private investors should have to meet higher standards before they can open plastic surgery businesses and that industry should be put under stricter supervision.

Woman spends 4m yuan on cosmetic surgeries

[2012-03-09 13:38]

A twentysomething woman has spent more than 4 million yuan ($635,000) on over 200 plastic surgeries.

Teenager set on fire in attack to get free care and plastic surgery

[2012-03-07 08:04]

Zhou Yan, the 17-year-old who suffered horrific burns on her face and body when she was splashed with lighter fluid and set on fire in Hefei, Anhui province, was transferred to a plastic surgery hospital in Beijing for free treatment on Monday night.

Beauty in eye of the beholder

[2012-03-01 08:04]

Although there is nothing wrong in wearing makeup in the pursuit of beauty, it is sad and risky to count on facial surgery, says an article on

Plastic surgery takes average 7 years off face

[2012-02-23 13:16]

Plastic surgery procedures took an average of seven years off patients' appearance, with more extensive facial surgeries turning the clock back even further, researchers writing in the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery said.

No cosmetic surgery for budding actors

[2012-02-15 13:17]

The performance institute of Beijing Film Academy plans to ban candidates who have undergone cosmetic surgery.

Beauty & the beast

[2012-02-15 10:31]

More Chinese seek cosmetic surgery to fulfill their dreams, but the results can be devastating if they take cheap and easy options.

Couples want matching plastic surgery

[2012-02-13 14:58]

A couple in Chengdu have consulted a cosmetic hospital for plastic surgery because they want look more alike, Chengdu Evening News reports.

More Chinese travel to ROK for beauty

[2012-01-17 17:10]

The South Korean Embassy in Beijing announced on Monday that 1,073 visas for medical tourism were issued in 2011, a 386 percent increase from a year earlier.

Surgeons flooded with calls over implants

[2012-01-07 08:21]

Thousands of breast implant recipients are alarmed by the recent news of faulty prostheses.

For many Chinese, new wealth and a fresh face

[2011-04-25 15:05]

With the rapid improvement in living standards, a growing number of Chinese turn to plastic surgery for a new look, said an article in the New York Times on April 23.

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