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Beijing consumers spent 2.34b yuan in New Year break

[2013-01-04 16:12]

The chilly weather in Beijing did not cool down consumption in the three-day New Year break.

China grants more patents in 2012

[2013-01-08 17:50]

The State Intellectual Property Office granted 1.26 million patents in 2012 to domestic and overseas applicants, up 31.25 percent.

China's 2011 GDP revised up

[2013-01-07 17:36]

China's statistics authority on Monday revised its gross domestic product for 2011 slightly up based on its final verification.

Exports to ASEAN countries up 20.1%

[2013-01-10 16:08]

China's exports to the 10 member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in 2012 rose 20.1 percent year-on-year to $204.27 billion.

China's trade surplus with US up 8.2% in 2012

[2013-01-10 15:31]

China's trade with the United States in 2012 grew 8.5 percent year-on-year to $484.68 billion, accounting for 12.5 percent of China's total foreign trade in 2012.

Hong Kong now mainland's 4th-largest trade partner

[2013-01-10 15:07]

Hong Kong outperformed Japan in 2012 and became the mainland's fourth-largest trade partner.

China's trade with EU declined 3.7% in 2012

[2013-01-10 15:00]

China's trade with the debt-troubled European Union dropped 3.7 percent year-on-year in 2012 to $546.04 billion, accounting for 14.1 percent of China's total foreign trade in 2012.

China's foreign trade grew 6.2% in 2012

[2013-01-10 10:31]

China's foreign trade in 2012 expanded 6.2 percent year-on-year to $3.867 trillion, the General Administration of Customs announced Thursday.
China's trade surplus with US up 8.2% in 2012
China's trade with EU declined 3.7% in 2012
Exports to ASEAN countries up 20.1%

China's Dec PPI drops 1.9%

[2013-01-11 10:17]

China's producer price index, which measures inflation at the wholesale level, fell 1.9 percent year-on year-in December.

China's Dec inflation rises 2.5%

[2013-01-11 10:14]

China's consumer price index, a main gauge of inflation, grew 2.5 percent year-on-year in December, said the National Bureau of Statistics.
Dec PPI drops 1.9%
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New yuan loans down for 3rd month in a row

[2013-01-11 09:56]

Chinese lenders extended fewer new yuan loans for the third month in a row in December as non-bank financing continued to become more common, according to central bank data released on Thursday.

Central SOEs see profits decline

[2013-01-11 09:49]

China's State-owned enterprises administered by the State-asset regulator saw profits drop 6.9 percent in the first 11 months of 2012.

Trade growth falls short of 10% target

[2013-01-11 02:58]

"Negative factors," led by eurozone woes, were responsible for the trade target being missed, said a spokesman for the General Administration of Customs.

China's power consumption up 5.5% 2012

[2013-01-14 10:22]

China's power consumption expanded 5.5 percent year-on-year in 2012 to 4.96 trillion kilowatt-hours, the National Energy Administration said.

China's land sales hit 2.69 trillion yuan in 2012

[2013-01-13 14:41]

Land sales dropped but remained at a high level last year amid government efforts to rein in the property market, according to figures from the Ministry of Land and Resources.

Cross-straits trade hits $169b in 2012

[2013-01-11 11:22]

Trade between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan expanded 5.6 percent year-on-year in 2012 to $168.96 billion, said the General Administration of Customs.

China's ODI surged in 2012: ministry

[2013-01-16 16:58]

China's non-financial outbound direct investment in 2012 increased 28.6 percent year-on-year to $77.22 billion.

China's 2012 tax incomes rise 11.2%

[2013-01-16 13:31]

China collected 11.07 trillion yuan ($1.76 trillion) in taxation last year, an increase of 11.2 percent year on year.

China's FDI drops 3.7%

[2013-01-16 11:05]

Foreign direct investment in China in 2012 declined 3.7 percent year-on-year to $111.72 billion, the Ministry of Commerce said.

China targeted by 72 trade probes in 2012

[2013-01-14 14:36]

Chinese exports were targeted by a total of 72 trade investigations in 2012, according to China's General Administration of Customs.