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Jet launch inspires 'Carrier Style' craze online

[2012-11-28 00:54]

Chinese Internet users have been imitating the hand signals used by crew members on the country's first aircraft carrier in celebration of the breakthrough.

Jets land on China's 1st aircraft carrier

[2012-11-26 07:47]

China has moved closer to its goal of building a blue-water navy, with pilots successfully landing on and taking off from the Liaoning, the country's first aircraft carrier.

Sky-high target for engines

[2012-11-26 03:05]

Deck landings were carried out on the carrier with the new J-15 fighter jet, naval sources said on Sunday. But the focus is also on passenger aircraft.

'We are ready to build more carriers'

[2012-11-20 02:29]

The company that played a key role in equipping China's first aircraft carrier is ready to build more "seagoing airbases", its chairman said.

China building its own aircraft carrier

[2012-11-07 14:19]

The deputy chief designer of China's aircraft carrier project suggested China was building its own carrier on Monday.

Aircraft carrier a feasible choice

[2012-11-06 08:17]

Will China's economy be unduly burdened if the government builds four aircraft carriers, complete with their formations, in the coming decades? Will an aircraft carrier building project be a drag on the national economy?

China's first aircraft carrier leaves port

[2012-10-15 10:01]

China's first aircraft carrier sailed from the port of Dalian in Northeastern China on Friday evening.

Carrier's defensive role stressed

[2012-09-28 01:07]

Beijing emphasized its first carrier's defensive nature amid speculation that China will use its increasing maritime strength to resolve territorial issues.
Navy sails into new era with first aircraft carrier 
Key facts of China's first aircraft carrier

China's aircraft carrier for peace and stability

[2012-09-27 22:48]

China's first aircraft carrier, Liaoning, was officially handed over to the navy on Sept 25. It is an important, but normal, step in China's construction of its navy.

What does China's first aircraft carrier mean?

[2012-11-20 17:44]

What does China's first aircraft carrier mean?

Key facts of China's first aircraft carrier

[2012-09-27 21:31]

China's first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning with a hull number of 16, entered service in the People's Liberation Army Navy on Sept 25.

China dismisses reports on 2nd aircraft carrier

[2012-09-27 16:25]

China's Defense Ministry dismissed foreign media reports saying that China is building a 2nd aircraft carrier and it will be launched late this year.

Carrier a natural step

[2012-09-27 07:47]

China has received a lot of flak for launching its first-ever aircraft carrier.

Carrier-equipped China can better maintain peace

[2012-09-26 11:11]

China's naval power took a landmark step Tuesday when its first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning with the hull number 16, began its service in the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy.

The process of building an operational aircraft carrier

[2012-09-26 07:57]

Step 1: Designing and equipment outfitting

Navy sails into new era

[2012-09-26 02:21]

China's first aircraft carrier was delivered and commissioned to the People's Liberation Army navy following successful sea trials. Carrier-equipped China can better maintain world peace

China says aircraft carrier poses no threat

[2012-09-25 17:01]

China's first aircraft carrier will escort China's further implementation of its peaceful development strategy and pose no threat to other countries.

Aircraft carrier protects peace

[2012-09-25 08:09]

After 10 test sails, China's first aircraft carrier will be in service soon, causing widespread concern among the international community.

China's aircraft carrier finishes 9th sea trial

[2012-07-31 15:22]

China's aircraft carrier returns to the dock in Dalian, northeast China’s Liaoning Province, after finishing its 9th sea trial,July 30, 2012.

Sea trials 'necessary' for aircraft carrier

[2012-05-31 20:25]

It is "normal and necessary" to conduct sea trials for China's aircraft carrier, a Ministry of Defense spokesman said Thursday.

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