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China's Belt, Road initiatives not geo-strategic tool: official

[2015-03-21 20:31]

China's Belt and Road initiatives will facilitate economic cooperation and will not act as a geo-strategic tool, a senior foreign affairs official said Saturday.

How ambition turned a student into entrepreneur

[2015-03-11 10:58]

When Liu Qingfeng was a first-year PhD student 15 years ago, dreams of making piles of money were the last thing on his mind.

Experts' take on 7% GDP growth

[2015-03-09 09:34]

The government's move to set the GDP growth target for 2015 at around 7 percent has attracted attention from not only China, but also from overseas.

Pursuit of economic growth 'won't spark financial crisis'

[2015-03-07 08:01]

China can achieve its GDP growth target of "around 7%" this year without any risk of a systemic financial crisis, says top political advisory body.

Economy's new normal

[2015-03-04 09:32]

'New normal' and Strategies

[2015-03-20 10:45]

Infographics: Major industries with huge business opportunities

[2015-03-14 14:11]

This information graphic presents prediction, based on the Government Work Report, regarding prospects for improvements and investment in key economic sectors.

Chinese economy from 2008 to 2014

[2015-03-02 16:41]

Chinese economy from 2008 to 2014

Expert says new model needed for China's new growth

[2015-03-21 19:30]

China is one of the greatest success stories of urbanization but now needs to transit to a new model of coordinated and consolidated development policies.

China remains top foreign investment destination

[2015-03-21 16:32]

Foreign investment appetite remains but more certainty from clearer rules and regulations will help businesses invest in opportunities arising from China's economic transition.

'Rebalancing and renormalization' are center of challenge

[2015-03-21 08:02]

If everything goes well, it will take about a decade until China becomes an economy in which consumption takes a much larger share, and growth is led by innovation and competitive private enterprises.

CDF to showcase nation's openness

[2015-03-21 08:02]

China will continue its commitment to foreign investment and to the creation of a level playing field for foreign businesses in "the new normal" during this year's China Development Forum.

Authorities want zero casualties in coal mines

[2015-03-13 10:12]

China is still confronted with grave and complicated challenges in coal mine work safety as the authorities aim to achieve a zero-death target.

Need to improve environmental protection law: minister

[2015-03-10 09:23]

A lot more needs to be done to provide watchdogs with teeth and make it impossible for the watchdogs to become the accomplices of polluters.

'New normal' needs environment for entrepreneurship

[2015-03-09 13:41]

To facilitate a market economy, the new generation of Chinese leaders should deal with the current status in a delicate way.

Easing expected for China's property policies

[2015-03-07 07:48]

Insiders anticipate eased policies for the realty market after the Government Work Report takes a softer tone on the industry.

Steady as she goes for the new normal

[2015-03-06 08:21]

The government's work report emphasized the need for stability as growth slows and economic restructuring becomes the main priority for the nation's officials.

7 opportunities of China's economy under the 'new normal'

[2015-03-05 10:08]

China's economy steps into the "new normal" phase, as it is growing in a manageable and relatively balanced manner.

Student entrepreneurs learn harsh lessons

[2015-03-05 08:25]

As the number of graduates continues to rise, many are opting to start their own companies. However, fierce competition and scant experience is making life hard for budding businesspeople.