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President Xi's speech at B20 draws worldwide attention, comments

(Xinhua) Updated: 2016-09-04 14:34

BEIJING - The speech made by Chinese President Xi Jinping Saturday at B20 Summit ahead of the opening of the G20 Summit in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou has drawn great attention and comments from experts worldwide.

Nasser Abdel-Aal, an expert in Asian Affairs and professor of Chinese studies at Cairo-based Ain Shams University, said Xi's remarks were an extension and continuation of China's foreign policy on economic cooperation with the world.

"It is a clear message welcomed by everyone, as it shows China's vision on the world future through a new Chinese policy that is not restricted to self-development but extends to make other partners in the development," he said.

Koh Chin Yee, CEO of Longus Research Institute, Singapore, said Xi's speech shows that China will firmly stick to the policy of widening collaboration with foreign countries and uphold an open strategy of seeking mutual benefit and win-win situation.

It shows that China will continuously follow an open policy with a more comprehensive, deeper and multilateral model, he said.

David Dosset, founder of the Euro-China Forum in Paris, said Xi sent important messages with an overall objective to inject confidence in a world of uncertainties.

"China ratified the COP21 agreement hours before the G20, a fact which indicates that the world's most populous country wants to be a catalyst of sustainable development," he said.

Xi sent a message to the world on Saturday that China will continue to be an engine of global growth, according to Adrian de Leon Arias, director of the University of Guadalajara business school in Mexico.

"China has embarked on a transformation process but needs international cooperation to do so. If all collaborate, the process will be less painful for society and all will benefit," said de Leon.

Farok Contractor, professor at Rutgers Business School of the United States, said Xi's speech covers not only the concerns of other G20 governments, but also shows China as an example of reform over the past more than three decades.

"I think it was a very inspirational and aspirational speech, because going forward into the 21st century, we need to build a global civilization based on common rules and he mentioned harmony and cooperation as one of the values of eastern civilization," he said.

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