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US probes Chinese electronics makers

By Li Jiabao ( Updated: 2013-01-28 20:43

The US International Trade Commission launched two investigations on Jan 25 into portable electronic devices as well as certain mobile handset devices and related touch keyboard software from Chinese and US makers.

The portable electronic devices at issue are protective cases used to protect handheld portable electronic devices.

The investigation is based on a complaint of patent infringement filed by Speculative Product Design of Mountain View, CA.

The commission has identified seven respondents in the investigation, including Shengda Huanqiu Shijie of Shenzhen and Global Digital Star Industry Ltd.

The other investigation involves smartphones and associated touch keyboard software that permits a user to input information with increased speed and/or accuracy.

The investigation is based on a complaint of patent infringement filed by Nuance Communications Inc, Swype Inc, Tegic Communications Inc, and ZI Corporation of Canada Inc, all of Burlington, MA.

The commission has identified two respondents in this investigation: Shanghai HanXiang (Coo Tek) Information Technology Co Ltd and Personal Communications Devices, LLC.

The complainants in both cases request that the commission issue an exclusion order and cease and desist orders.

The commission said it will make a final determination in the investigation at the earliest practicable time.

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