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China's growing middle class to benefit the world

(Xinhua) Updated: 2013-01-21 13:37

BEIJING - A growing Chinese middle class is not only good for China, but also for the world, Dalton McGuinty, premier of Canada's Ontario province, told Xinhua in an interview Saturday.

It is McGuity's fourth trade mission to the country and his fifth China trip. Asked about the most impressive changes he had seen in China since his first travel here, he said every time he came, there were more highways, more subways, more airports, and the cities were getting bigger.

"There is a mass migration of people from the countryside and into the cities. This creates challenges for leaders who are trying to manage this migration to ensure there is an economic opportunity, and to ensure there is a distribution of wealth," he said.

"So I see growth and I see challenges of growth, but I also see more Chinese becoming part of the middle class, making a bit more money and enjoying a better quality of life," he said.

McGuinty and his team came to China to seek more business opportunities for companies from his province.

According to a press release from his office, Canadian companies from Ontario have signed new business agreements worth $800 million with Chinese partners.

Yet, the premier also said the two sides could tap even more potential in the agri-food business.

"Canada has very high quality standards for our food. They are highly trusted internationally," the premier said, adding they wanted to bring to the Chinese market "safe, trusted and nutritious" infant formula, as well as chicken and beef products.

Speaking of the problems facing two-way trade, the Canadian official said China was excluding poultry products from Ontario, adding the two sides had been in communication over the issue.

"I hope that within the next several months China will open the door to Ontario poultry products," he said.


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