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Project to convert seaweed into renewable chemicals

[2012-10-29 17:30]

China's Xunshan Group will work with Bio Architecture Lab to convert seaweed into renewable chemicals, fuel and other products for both the Chinese and global market.

E China to reduce dyeing capacity for environment

[2010-09-01 16:48]

China's "textile town" Shaoxing county is set to reduce its annual textile printing and dyeing capacity by 710 million meters of textile before Sept 15, in a bid to save energy and cut emissions, sources with the county government said Wednesday.

'Green' plastics for cars, homes

[2010-05-07 07:55]

German specialty chemicals group Lanxess plans to boost the supply of its products to meet growing demand for more environmentally friendly plastics in China.

Shining clean with green cosmetics

[2010-04-07 08:09]

Testing new creams on bits of human foreskin to spare lab rats, or whipping seaweed and spicy Sichuan pepper into potions - greener, cleaner cosmetics are on the march.

Chemical company boss appeals 11-year sentence for environmental crimes

[2009-08-18 13:18]

A chemical company boss who was sentenced to 11 years in prison for criminal enviromental negligence leading to a tap-water contamination scandal appealed his ruling Monday.