Dialogue mechanism ensures stability of China-US ties

2015-06-25 16:16

The convening of the China-US high-level talks as scheduled despite recent turbulence in bilateral ties has sent out a reassuring message to those worried passengers on the China-US plane: their safety belts are securely fastened.

Strategic wisdom works

2015-06-25 07:48

The Sino-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue has long been viewed as one of the most important mechanisms for the two countries to conduct regular communication, address problems in their relations and reach consensus.

Liu's visit emphasizes China's desire to improve its healthcare system

2015-06-24 12:04

Industry practitioners and medical experts warmly welcomed visiting Chinese Vice-Premier Liu Yandong's call for more and deeper collaborations between China and the US on medical research and talent exchanges.

Settling scores could backfire on US

2015-06-24 07:43

Recent US rhetoric and moves on the South China Sea issue reflect its double standards.

Good neighbors don't rim fences with glass shards

2015-06-24 07:42

In a perfect world, countries wouldn't spy on one another, but until that utopian day dawns on us, it is reasonable to expect intelligence collecting to continue as it has since the days of Sun Tzu and Julius Caesar. Knowledge is power, and wanting to know more about rivals, opponents and even friends is common across cultures.

Obama in race against time to end talks with China

2015-06-23 22:28

Beijing and Washington face a challenging task of concluding investment talks before President Barrack Obama steps down in January 2017, according to observers in Brussels.

China says South China Sea not an issue with US

2015-06-23 17:53

A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said Tuesday that the South China Sea issue is not and should not be one between China and the United States.

China-US talks promote exchanges, cooperation

2015-06-23 13:56

The mechanism of China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue (S&ED) has greatly promoted exchanges and cooperation between the two countries, a senior Chinese official said Monday.

Exchanges of peoples bridge bilateral divides

2015-06-23 07:38

This is the first time the meeting on people-to-people and cultural exchanges is being held concurrently with the S&ED.

Upcoming China-US dialogue key occasion for repairing trust

2015-06-21 17:13

Senior Chinese and US officials are to convene later this week in Washington for an annual gathering considered to be a paramount dialogue crucial for China and the United States to repair mutual trust damaged by US moves.

More communication brings understanding

2015-06-12 07:42

What has proved effective in the past decade is that more engagement can help the two countries better tap the potential of cooperation and reduce the risk of confrontation.

Blog: Is Western education better than Eastern education?

2015-06-08 13:35

Why do US children go to school with little homework, no weekend classes but still excel in education in comparison to most Chinese students?

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