Not to allow distractions to derail China-US cooperation

2015-05-16 09:21

Western media reports give an impression that US Secretary of State John Kerry is set to pick a fight over South China Sea on his trip to China.

Blog: My reason for coming back

2015-05-15 11:32

As to the topic of returning, most of them suggested not coming back, but staying in the States, for the sake of future generations as well as myself.

Talks with Kerry to broach touchy issues

2015-05-13 07:42

Senior Chinese leaders will meet with US Secretary of State John Kerry this weekend to prepare for key talks amid renewed friction.

Blog: How to deal with cross cultural problems?

2014-08-27 17:36

With the globalization of business, growing numbers of companies are removing barriers to develop exports that accelerate benefit growth.

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