Liu: China, US can be 'driver' of world peace

Updated: 2015-06-25 14:14

By DONG LESHUO and HUA SHENGDUN in Washington (China Daily USA)

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Liu: China, US can be 'driver' of world peace

Chinese Vice-Premier Liu Yandong (2nd R, front) attends a photo exhibition on China-US cooperation in World War II named "For Justice and Peace" in the Chinese embassy in Washington DC, the United States, June 24, 2015. [Photo/Xinhua]

"China and the US are the largest developing country and the largest developed one in the world," said Liu Yandong, vice-premier of China."If we work together, we can become the anchor of the world's stability and the driver of world peace."

Liu spoke at the For Justice and Peace photo exhibition at the Chinese Embassy in Washington on Wednesday.

The Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries presented the exhibition to honor Chinese and American cooperation and dedication to the final victory of the world Anti-Fascist War and to remember the friendship forged during the war.

The exhibition consists of 110 photos in four main chapters China and the US in a Fight against Fascism,Americans the Chinese Define as Heroes,The Friendship the Chinese and Americans SharedandSalute to Friendship.

Some of these historic photos were shot by American soldiers in China during World War II, according to Li Xiaolin, president of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, the organization that provided the photos for exhibit.

Li is the daughter of General Li Xiannian, who saved a member of the "Flying Tigers" air squadron during World War and waspresident of China between 1983 and 1988.

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