Microblog comments on Gadhafi's death

Updated: 2011-10-24 09:14


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Following are the selected comments on Gadhafi's death by Chinese micro bloggers.

Chief Editor of Henan Business Daily Li Peng: The news of Gadhafi’s bloody death made all the metro papers. Ninety-nine percent of the front pages of civilian papers in China published news and photos about the former Libyan leader's death today. Was it because the Chinese like this guy?

Chief Editor of Auto Bild Wang Yin: The end of Gadhafi indicates, never try to make friends with your enemies, who are due to be destroyed. Gadhafi played a die-hard role in North Africa for over 30 years but changed his strategy at last by dropping the country’s nuclear plan and paying for the Lockerbie air crash. But the West responds to his “nice gestures” with missiles. I advise all politicians to look at the photo and see the end of making peace with enemies.

Economist Han Zhiguo: Gadhafi is dead, miserable and desolate. Saddam was caught in a rat hole and Gadhafi was shot dead before a cave. A former leader of a country became a loner and the body that used to rule a country for 42 years was dragged through the street. This is the fate of dictators.

Ex-president of China Aviation Fuel Supply Corp Chen Jiulin: Mubarak is great compared with Gadhafi. Facing the same situation, the two political figures made different choices. Gadhafi would rather die than step down, while Mubarak admitted his failure and quit. Maybe some people see Gadhafi as a martyr and Mubarak a coward. But Mubarak de facto understands the times better and did not submit to the hands of vested groups.

Shaanxi provincial vice-chairman of Communist Youth League of China Zhang Xiaoping: It is the Libyan people who suffered the worst from NATO-led air strikes during the eight-month civil war in Libya. If the Libyan people could have solved the conflict in their nation, there would be no brutal war and blood in the country. So the unification of a country is very important and I wish the Libyan people all the best.

Chairperson of Sun Media Yang Lan: Two deaths matter yesterday. The one-time top brass Gadhafi is dead. He may long have realized he had it coming, only not when and how it would happen. A supreme magnate died from gunshot amid chaos. What a mockery at power. The other death is of Yue Yue. A life too young to hurt anyone but has suffered huge pains. Her death broke her family’s heart and became the stain of our society. Now she can relieve all her pains.

Sanlian Life Weekly: Several years ago, a Chinese construction firm built a residential building in Benghazi, Libya. But when the workers finished, the building was occupied by nearby residents. The local official had to report to Gadhafi, who said after meeting the residents: “You are the hosts of the country. The apartments are for you, so settle in.” And people lauded him: “Long live Gadhafi!”

Designer, artist, real estate developer Wang Kaifang: Gadhafi fought to his death, never left his country. He had a firm belief in pan-Africa. He lived a frugal life but built Libya into the richest country in Africa. He kept his country in a stable state for 42 years, people getting the best education and medical care system. He always dressed in Arab garb, fighting the powers. No matter what the media and politicians say about him, I salute him- Gadhafi.

Professor at Peking University Wang Chenyao: In traditional journalism, there are no dead body photos, out of a social responsibility. But now it is new media time, when information sources are multiple. Some media may think people will see this anyway, so they publish these photos and lose their ethics.

Columnist Pan Caifu: I see Gadhafi in power as a devil and the one lying in blood a poor old man. Just like Saddam and Bin Laden, an old life extinguished. The dictator has gone, but I have not much joy, just sorrow in my heart.