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A winter respite-at lightning speed in Thailand

By Liu Zhihua (China Daily) Updated: 2015-12-26 11:34 Comments

A winter respite-at lightning speed in Thailand

Delicious Thai food. [Photo/China Daily]

You are suffering from severe winter blues and want to get away for it all, but you have used up all all of your annual leave, so heading off to Australia or the Bahamas is definitely not a solution.

You could, of course pop off to Hainan for the weekend for a couple of days of sunshine, but you are after something a little more exotic.

At this time of the year, one obvious destination not too far away, where you can manage to spend a fun-filled weekend, is Thailand. But of course with your limited time you cannot afford to wander too far off the beaten track, so Bangkok is the logical choice.

And if it is exotic that you are after, one great way of getting a taste of that, literally, is to make this a jaunt of about 50 hours that takes in a few eateries in central Bangkok and a few of the skyscrapers and their adjoining shopping centers that make up the heart of the Thai capital. Here is an itinerary that should leave you more than satisfied.

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