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Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins split after 23 years

One of Hollywood's most enduring couples has separated.

Angelina Jolie believes in free love

Angelina Jolie - who is a long-term relationship with Brad Pitt - insists fidelity is not essential for a relationship to work.

DVD industry down, but not downbeat

To outsiders, the DVD business appears to be in the toilet -- so why are home-entertainment honchos smiling?

"Avatar" could get nine Oscar nominations

"Avatar" is looking like it will join that club -- and potentially attract lots of self-proclaimed Avartards to the March 7 Oscar broadcast as well.

John Woo to be honored in Venice

Chinese director John Woo will receive a lifetime achievement award at next year's Venice International Film Festival.

Jia Jingwen and husband split up

Jia Jingwen has split up with her husband Sun Zhihao after four years of marriage and will fight for the custody of their daughter.

Arnold Stang, actor known for nerdy roles, dies

Arnold Stang, an actor who appeared alongside Milton Berle and Frank Sinatra and was known for his nerdy looks and distinctive nasal voice, has died. He was 91.

Hungry Watson Jude Law

Jude Law hated his costume he had to don to play Watson in new movie 'Sherlock Holmes' because it made it difficult for him to eat.

Hollywood's domestic box office tops $10 billion

Hollywood is crossing a new milestone as domestic revenues top $10 billion for the first time.

Brittany Murphy had several movies in the works

Brittany Murphy was a hardworking actress who was juggling multiple movie projects in the months leading up to her unexpected death.

Tom Ford swaps fashion for film with 'Single Man'

Fashion designer Tom Ford has made a seamless transition to filmmaker with "A Single Man," the soulful, immaculately styled story of a grieving college professor in 1960s California.

Report: 'Spider-Man 4' in turmoil

The latest Spider-Man movie is "in turmoil", a new report claims.

Catherine Zeta-Jones' stage flash

Catherine Zeta-Jones was left embarrassed after accidentally exposing her breast on stage in New York last week.

Coroner completes Brittany Murphy autopsy

The Los Angeles County coroner's office says it has completed an autopsy of Brittany Murphy but will defer releasing a cause of death until after toxicology tests are complete.

Meryl Streep will do sex scenes forever

Meryl Streep will do sex scenes forever because she thinks it makes films more ''authentic''.