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Jude Law heading for 'disaster'

Jude Law's parents think his renewed romance with ex-fiancee Sienna Miller - who he is currently on holiday with in Barbados - is a ''recipe for disaster''.

Angelina Jolie spotted talking on the phone

Angelina Jolie wears a Russian hat while talking on the phone during a break on the set of 'Salt' in NYC.

`Avatar' trumps new releases in its second weekend

On a weekend that shattered box-office records, "Avatar," in its second week of release.

Vampires rule, "Transformers" divides movie fans

The "Twilight" vampire franchise topped a survey of 2009 moviegoers' favorites, but film fans were divided over whether they loved or hated this year's "Transformers" sequel.

Celebrities' glamourous evening gown show

Take a look at celebrities' colorful evening gowns. What is your favorite dress style?

Weekend Box Office Top 10

It was a memorable and merry Christmas in Hollywood as moviegoers shattered box-office records.

Sarah Jessica Parker praises Hugh

Sarah Jessica Parker says it was a dream come true to get to star with Hugh Grant in new movie 'Did You Hear About The Morgans?'

Merry Xmas in Hollywood: Box-office record falls

It was a memorable and merry Christmas in Hollywood as moviegoers shattered box-office records.

"Avatar", Chipmunks lead worldwide box office

The 3-D extravaganza "Avatar" ruled the worldwide box office for a second weekend on Sunday, while the latest exploits of Alvin and the Chipmunks and Sherlock Holmes helped set a North American sales record.

Movie season's lesser gems

Christmas season often means a bonanza for movie-goers, and this year is no exception - from director Zhang Yimou's latest comedy A Simple Noodle Story to Hong Kong director Teddy Chan's action-drama Bodyguards and Assassins.

Emma Watson wishes everyone Merry Christmas

Emma Watson bundles up in her black coat as she delivers a great holiday message to all her fans.

"Star Trek" the most-pirated film of 2009

Paramount's worst fears are confirmed: "Star Trek" was the most pirated film of 2009, according to a new report.

Small, private funeral for Brittany Murphy

Actress Brittany Murphy will be laid to rest at a small, private funeral on Christmas Eve, while a larger memorial service may be held early next year.

New fees stain welcome mat for filmmakers in NYC

Higher fees for film production companies choosing to work in some New York City buildings have taken effect with no clear word on whether it will tarnish the city's popularity as one of Hollywood's favorite backdrops.

Couple sues Gene Simmons over alleged attack

A couple who claim they were assaulted by Gene Simmons have sued the KISS bassist.