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The Imperial Palace of ‘Manchukuo’

The Museum of the Imperial Palace of "Manchukuo" in Changchun is among the first 5A tourism resorts.

Jingyuetan National Forest Park

Located at the southeastern part of Changchun, Jingyuetan National Forest Park is 18 kilometers away from the city center.

Changchun Movie Wonderland

Changchun Movie Wonderland is the first world-class movie theme park in China. Constructed with investment from Changchun Film Studio, it is a magic factory and a world of fairytales.

Changchun World Sculpture Park

Its theme, “Friendship, Peace and Spring”, is highlighted by eastern and western cultures, including the traditional and modern Chinese arts.

Lotus Mountain ski resort

The Erdao district of the city of Changchun has nine mountain peaks that look like a line of lotus buds.

Jilin Shuangyang Ice Karst Caves scenic spot

Located in an offsheet of the Changbai Mountains, the Shuangyang Ice Karst Caves are 78 km away from downtown Changchun.

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