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Pavilion Layout
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Changchun International Convention & Exhibition Center

Brief Introduction

The Exhibition Center, at 100 Huizhan Ave, in Changchun, the capital of Jilin province, has a unique architectural style with thoroughly modern functional facilities and has become a landmark of contemporary design in the city. It covers 640,000 square meters and holds eight exhibition halls each with a different design style and can hold nearly 3,000 international standard booths. It also has a square outside that covers 6,000 sq m and a 15,500-sq-m outdoor exhibition area, as well as 1,000 parking lots.

Pavilion Layout

Changchun International Convention & Exhibition Center [Provided to neasiaexpo.org.cn]



There are nearly 3,000 international standard booths for the branded, new-technology, top-end commodities from China and abroad, and promotion of regional and company policies, and investment opportunities and projects at the Changchun International Convention & Exhibition Center, with each indoor booth specially crafted.

Pavilion Layout
[Provided to neasiaexpo.org.cn]


No 1 (2,800 sq m):The Pavilion for the Revitalization of Old Industrial Bases in Northeast China This is intended to show the improvements over the last decade under the strategy of revitalizing the area’s old industrial bases, including some significant breakthroughs and innovations in structural adjustment, with the focuses on the reform of State-owned enterprises, further opening up of Northeast China, infrastructure improvements, the great changes in people’s livelihood and the urban and rural environment, and the 12th Five-year Plan (2011-15) for revitalization, and the continued planning and prospects in Northeast China for opening up to Northeast Asia.

No 2 & 3 (4,550 sq m each):Pavilion of Hong Kong Commodities, with the former having 150 international standard booths and the latter, 50, on the 1st and 2nd floors. This is specially designed to featured goods from Hong Kong, such as high-tech electronic products, creative design work, household items, luxuries, and cosmetics.

No 4 (4,550 sq m):Pavilions for Taiwan Commodities, with 150 international standard booths on the 1st floor and 50 on the 2nd floor. This is a site for featured goods from Taiwan, especially foodstuffs, electronic products, light industrial products, creative cultural design work, and competitive–product award winners.

No 5 (8,000 sq m):Pavilion for Northeast Asian Countries, with 396 international standard booths. This contains five exhibition areas for the DPRK, Japan, ROK, Mongolia and Russia, where they can show their high-tech electronic products, textiles, foodstuffs, medicines, health care products, and special cultural products.

No 6 (10,000 sq m):Pavilion for Investment Cooperation, with 480 international standard booths. This is designed to showcase images, the environment, policies and key projects of State-level economic and technological development zones, high-tech development zones, municipalities, the Changbai Mountain Development Zone and other development zones in Jilin province.

No 7 (12,000 sq m):Pavilion for Modern Services and Burgeoning Industries, with 576 international standard booths. This contains up-to-date projects and products in the modern service field in China and abroad, such as tourism, finance and insurance, logistics and transportation, IT and communications services, foreign contracted projects, labor exports, culture and education, legal services, and service outsourcing. It also displays top technologies and commodities from strategic burgeoning industries in China and abroad, including electronic information, energy conservation, environmental protection, new energy, new materials, equipment manufacturing, and bio-medical goods.

No 8 (10,000 sq m):Pavilion of Foods and Pharmaceuticals, with 480 international standard booths. This area shows brand names, top quality and featured commodities, including foods and pharmaceuticals from China and abroad.

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