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Seizing opportunities for Lushun zone

Updated: 2009-09-10 08:41
By Shan Junning (China Daily)

Seizing opportunities for Lushun zone
The Lushun New Port is under construction.

The Dalian Lushun Economic Development Zone was established in June 1992 and promoted to a provincial-level Economic Development Zone in January 2002. As one of Dalian city's 10 key industrial parks, it was identified as a key support area for the coastal economic belt of Liaoning province in April 2008. With a planned area of 60 sq km, the Lushun Economic Development Zone will play an important role in promoting the construction of the coastal economic belt.

Lushun Economic Development Zone's particular advantages are as follows:

First, it is a perfect geographical area. Located at the southernmost point of the Liaodong Peninsula, the Lushun Economic Development Zone is an important part of the Dalian International Shipping Center of northeast Asia, which has formed 18 berths with capacities of between 1,000 tons-15,000 tons.

Second, it has excellent ecological environment. There are natural hot spring and seawater bathing beaches in the area along with forest coverage of 52 percent

Third, it boasts diverse transportation network. The Lushun Economic Development Zone is a rare comprehensive economic development zone integrating five transportation systems of ports, railways, ferries, highways and urban light rail trains. It successfully connects the large economic districts of the Northeast, the Bohai Sea and the Yangtze River Delta.

Fourth, complete infrastructure has been built there. Since it was established, 3 billion yuan has been invested to complete and improve the infrastructure construction.

So far, the zone has created a convenient investment environment with sound transportation, water supply, power, heat, sewage discharge, telecommunications, and wide band service.

Fifth, distinguished industrial edge carves a niche for the area. In recent years, the Lushun Economic Development Zone has established an image of environmentally-friendly industrial development of major equipment manufacturing and port logistics, which attracts many relevant projects with huge investments.

After 17 years of arduous construction, the Lushun Economic Development Zone has gradually embarked on a sustained, rapid and healthy development track with the main economic indicators increasing by more than 30 percent in recent years.

In the next step of the work process, the Lushun Economic Development Zone will strengthen introducing foreign investment and enhance the level of opening-up. Multinational corporations and the top 500 strongest companies in the world are targets to negotiate and cooperate with.

Upgrading the industrial pattern will also be put on the agenda for future development. Relying on its particular industrial advantages mentioned above, the Lushun Economic Development Zone will create a well-known brand of Major Equipment Manufacturing and Port Logistics Industrial Parks.

Further improve infrastructure and create fine urban construction is also given a priority.

Insisting on scientific planning, standardized construction and efficient management, the Lushun Economic Development Zone Administration will endeavor to provide first-class service and an investment environment for both domestic and international enterprises. It will also beef up efforts to improve people's living in the zone.

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