Yunnan cloth craft wins Shanghai fans

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Updated: 2016-06-21

An exhibition of Yunnan ethnic groups’ textile and embroidery products in Shanghai displayed handicrafts from 45 embroidery enterprises on June 17-19. The products were from about 20 nationalities.

Wang Liying, who was in charge of the products of the Nasu ethnic group, one branch of the Yi nationality, said their creative products featuring traditional ethnic crafts such as embroidery and stationery sold well and created some new fans in Shanghai.

Lin Jiayang, a professor of the College of Design Innovation of Tongji University, opined on the development of the Yunnan embroidery. He said the costumes displayed in the exhibition were a part of Yunnan’s culture and an inalienable part of Chinese culture. China should strengthen its national self-confidence and respect and protect the craftsmen as they are a source of the cultural diversity of the ethnic minorities.

By Qiu Guizhen and edited by Peter Nordingera

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