Yunnan Minzu University holds Poya Folk Song concert

By Ge Jieru ( )

Updated: 2015-01-04

A Poya Folk Song concert opened in Yunnan Minzu University, reported.

During the concert, performers wore Zhuang ethnic costumes and combined ventriloquism with traditional folk songs. Altogether 13 songs were performed in the concert including Married to the Moon.

Poya folk songs are a treasure of Chinese traditional ethnic arts. In 2011, Poya folk songs entered the list of State Non-Material Cultural Heritage. The Poya folk songs performed in Yunnan Minzu University were slightly different from the originals. The modified songs would be better for stage art performances and have stronger artistic expression.

The Poya Folk Song Choir, which gave the concert in Yunnan Minzu University, is a famous ethnic choir. The choir has won many national awards since its establishment in 2009.

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