Judge carries his dream on the road

By Jiang Xingguang (english.court.gov.cn) Updated : 2017-10-17

Judge carries his dream on the road

Judge Guo Xingli [Photo/chinadaily.com.cn]

"After working here for more than 20 years, I felt like becoming a ‘rural doctor’. The villagers need me and there is no way I can leave them either." said Guo Xingli, a local county judge in Southwest China's Sichuan province.

Having worked as a basic level judge in Kaifeng for 27 years, Guo was dubbed the "pack basket judge" by locals.

Each time he went out to a villager's place, he would carry a pack basket used by local people when walking on mountainous roads. Inside the basket, there was a national emblem and other necessary materials to "open court".

"I take it as their approval and trust towards my work," Guo said, "It's the highest honor I've ever earned."

For 27 years, over 90 percent of the cases Guo handled were withdrawn due to conciliation. Not a single case from the 2,400 cases received complaints or amendments.

Due to his excellent work, he has been bestowed with the honors of National Model Judge, Exceptional Local Judge, and, in July of 2016, National Outstanding Communist Party Member.

"All judges should learn from Guo Xingli and stay true to their mission," said Zhou Qiang, chief justice and president of China's Supreme People's Court on Aug 23, 2016. "We should always keep in mind that justice serves the people... and we should always pursue to be loyal, honest, and qualified judges."

Zhou emphasized that Guo's personal story reflects on how to be a true judge and how to "let people experience justice and fairness in every judicial case".

Judge carries his dream on the road

Guo Xingli carries the national emblem on his back to set up a circuit court in a local village. [Photo/chinacourt.org]

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