China holds international cyber security seminar

( Updated : 2016-10-14

An international seminar on cyber security policy and law was held in Tianjin from October 13 to 14 under the guidance of the China Academy of Applied Law of the Chinese Supreme People's Court.

More than 20 experts and scholars attended the meeting to discuss cyber security issues including data privacy protection in countries such as China, the US and Russia, as well as in the European Union, and unfair competition among them.

The seminar consisted of three sections: comparison of "Internet plus" industry development in different countries, legal guarantees of national big data strategies and the development of legal systems for cyber information security.

Li Yuping, director of the China Academy of Applied Law, said although the Chinese government encourages the integration of traditional industrial enterprises and the Internet to bring companies a larger market, the safety of enterprises and individuals is facing challenges at the same time. Cyber security has become a priority for national security and development.

Liu Dongzhi, vice president of Tianjin University, said more and more issues on law and policies are emerging in the information age as data sharing becomes common.

Since its establishment the Law School of Tianjin University has cooperated with several international colleges, such as the University of Vienna, Yale University and the University of Sydney. Liu hoped that Tianjin University will further its internationalized academic programs and better cooperate with more scientific legal research institutes to become one of the top law schools in the world.