Updated : 2016-04-05




Judicial Interpretations

Supreme People’s Court Interpretation on the Issues Concerning the Application of Laws for the Calculation of Debt Interests During the Delayed Performance in the Execution Procedure (3)

Supreme People’s Court Rules on the Issues in Trial of Administrative Cases on Employment Injury Insurance (4)

Appointment and Removal

Name List of SPC Judges Appointed and Removed by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress (6)

Judicial Documents

Supreme People’s Court Opinions on Comprehensively Strengthening Trial Work of Environmental Resources and Providing Powerful Judicial Guarantee for Promoting the Construction of Ecological Civilization (7)

Supreme People’s Court Publication of Seven Typical Cases of Safeguarding People’s Livelihood (12)

Selected Judgments

Case of Dispute over Processing Contract: Guangzhou Zhujiang Copper Factory Co., Ltd.v.Foshan Nanhai Zhongxing Hardware Smelting Factory and Li Liefen (20)

Case of Dispute over Contract on Joint and Cooperative Development of Real Estate: Sichuan Jufeng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.v.Dazhou Radio and TV Universtiy (30)

Model Cases

Case of Dispute over Insurance Contract: Cao Liancheng, Hu Guilan, Cao Xinjian and Cao Xianzhong v.Jiangsu Branch of Minsheng Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (39)

Case of Dispute over the Infringement of Trademark: Suzhou Jinggang Cutlery Co., Ltd.v.Taicang Tianhua Cutlery Co., Ltd. (42)

Case of Dispute over Property Damages Compensation: Shanghai Puxin Investment Management Consulting Co., Ltd.v.BOCI Securities Co., Ltd. (45)