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Selected Law

Law of the People’s Republic of China on the State-owned Assets of Enterprises (3)Judicial Documents

Supreme People’s Court

Notice on Distribution of Main Work Points of the People’s Courts in 2009 (10)

Supreme People’s Court

Notice on Distribution of Regulations on the “ Five Forbiddances”and Handling Methods on the “ Five Forbiddances” Regulations Violation (14)

Supreme People’s Court

Notice on Civil Case Jurisdiction Related to Well-known Trademark Determination (15)

Judicial Statistics

Bulletin of National Courts Judicial Statistics 2008 (16)

Selected Judgement

Case of Copyright Dispute:

Guangdong Changjin Audio-video Co., Ltd.v. Audio-video Publishing House of China Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Tianjin Tianbao Culture Development Co., Ltd., Tianjin Tianbao Optical Disc Co., Ltd., Hebei Province Hebei Bangzi Opera Theatre and Hebei Yin Xiang Ren Audio-video Products Wholesale Co., Ltd. (22)

Model Cases

Case of Infringement Dispute:The Ritz Hotel, Limited v. Shanghai Huangpu Lichi Relaxation and Body Exercise Co., Ltd. (30)

Case of Copyright Infringement Dispute:Shi Honglin v. Taizhou City Huaren Electronic Information Co., Ltd. (41)