Updated : 2016-04-05




Selected Law

Insurance Law of the People’s Republic of China (3)

Judicial Interpretations

Supreme People’s Court

Interpretation on the Issues of Application of Insurance Law of the People ’s Republic of China(Ⅰ) (17)

Supreme People’s Court Supreme People’s Procuratorate

Supplementary Provisions on Determining Accusation in the Application of Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China(Ⅳ) (18)

Judicial Documents

Supreme People’s Court

Notice on Issuing the Related Typical Cases and the Guiding Suggestions in the Application of Law Concerning Drunk Driving (20)

Supreme People’s Court

Notice on Studying and Carrying Out the Amended Patent Law (24)

Supreme People’s Court

Notice on Issuing Provisions of People’s Courts on Preventing and Handling Emergencies During Enforcing Judgements (For Trial Implementation) (25)

Supreme People’s Court

Notice on Issuing Work Regulations of the Supervisors Specially Invited by the Supreme People’s Court ( For Trial Implementation) (28)

Selected Judgements

Case of Loan Contract Dispute:Industrial Bank Guangzhou Branch v. Shenzhen Airport Co., Ltd. (30)

Case of Infringement of Patent for Invention:Yang Peikang v. Wuxi Huoli Health Products Co., Ltd. (37)

Model Cases

Case of Labor Dispute:Wang Yunfei v. Schneider Electric (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch (39)

Case of Dispute over Administrative Punishment Decision:

Shanghai ROYALSHE Cosmetics Co., Ltd. v.

Shanghai Administration of Industry and Commerce Jinshan Branch (42)