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Noodle dished recommended for diners in Lujiazui

Updated: 2016-01-13

( ), an information site, provided guidance on places to dine at in Pudong, on Dec 24, covering 25 eateries with their specialty dishes, including noodles, meals with rice, pizzas, and burgers. Here are five of the noodle sites with delicious food at an affordable price.

Weiwei Dudu

Address: 296 No. Nanquan Rd

Contact: 1391838-3757; 1891794-6657

Average cost: 24 yuan per person

Recommended: noodle with pickled potherb mustard and yellow croaker

The place's name suggests its traditional style of cooking, since wei means simmering. The signature dish has large slices of yellow croaker with a fresh, homey taste. The well-brewed soup gives a warm feeling in the cold of winter.

Yuanzhi Yuanwei cross-bridge rice noodle

Address: B2, Super Brand Mall, 168 West Lujiazui Rd

Average cost: 25 yuan per person

Recommended: rice noodle with tomato and sirloin

The restaurant is in a little noticed corner of the Super Brand Mall, but has still managed to build a successful business. The recommended dish has a refreshing sour flavor from the main ingredient - the tomatoes - and helps work up an appetite fairly easily. The rice noodles are chewy and smooth.

Xiaoluoli luo si rice noodle

Address: 17 Qixia Rd, near No. Nanquan Rd

Contact: 1891890-7748

Average cost: 27 yuan per person

Recommended: rice noodle with luo si (Sinotaia quadrata)

Luo si or Sinotaia quadrata is s freshwater snail. However there's no luo si to be found in the bowl of rice noodles, but their flavor is there, concentrated in the thick soup made of luo si meat and pork bones. The ingredients are beef, roast pork, tofu skin, agaric and peanuts which bring the special taste. Fermented bamboo shoots provide a rich aroma which reaches another level thanks to the meat paste in the chili oil.

Nongqing Chaoshan

Address: B2, Super Brand Mall, 168 West Lujiazui Rd

Average cost: 35 yuan per person

Recommended : rice noodles with special beef balls

The rice noodles and beef balls are typical of the Chaoshan area of Guangdong province. The special beef balls containing cattle tendon is firm to the bite and hand-made, with no flour added. The rice noodles are soft and a perfect match for the balls.

Wangui Zhimian

Address: B2, Super Brand Mall, 168 West Lujiazui Rd

Contact: 021-6875-0721

Average cost: 33 yuan per person

Recommended: udon noodle with Japanese style curry

Tempura is added to the fragrant curry flavored soup. The eggs are cooked just enough to have a jelly-like white and runny yolk. As a lunch option, this is a good way to reenergize office workers to get them through the rest of a day.

Edited by Roger Bradshaw