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Nanxiang steamed stuffed buns

( ) 2021-03-10

Nanxiang steamed stuffed buns

Xiaolongbao, or steamed stuffed buns, produced in Nanxiang are a famous native food. They have a history of more than a century, since the food first appeared during the reign of Emperor Tongzhi of the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911). They are noted for their thin skin, stuffing, gravy, fresh taste, tender meat and beautiful shape. They are a popular snack in the Shanghai region.

The stuffing is made of smashed leg pork mixed with minced ginger, pork skin jelly, salt, soy sauce, sugar and water. No onion or garlic is added. The shell is made of fine flour without yeast. The steamed buns are small, exquisite and shaped like pagodas. Semi-transparent and full of gravy, they are very tasty.

Nanxiang steamed stuffed buns have won many honors, including the gold prize for best foodstuff granted by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, the time-honored Chinese brand award, and the special Chinese food award. Application has been made to include its production technique into the national catalogue of intangible cultural heritages.



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