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Jiading vows to improve people's life

By Wu Ni ( ) 2015-03-09

In 2015, the Jiading government will continue to work on issues that are closely related to people's life.

1. Create 26,000 new jobs. Control the number of registered unemployed urban residents to keep it to a maximum of 7,000. Help 12,000 people get vocational training and 50,000 people get training on safety at workplace. Provide 60,000-square-meter residential buildings especially for the talented and skilled people, and offer them rental subsidies and apartments.

2. Add 740 nursing room beds for senior citizens. Establish two new day-care service centers. Build, reconstruct and expand 10 standard rooms for senior citizens’ entertainment.

3. Implement the project to renovate old residential buildings, set on an area covering 1.29 million square meters in total. Renovate villages and 3,313 households within them. Improve power supply facilities for 40,000 families who live in old communities.

4. Implement ecological renovation of a 4-kilometer-long waterway in the old town. Increase the household waste recycling area that currently covers 15,000 households.

5. Construct and renovate 100 bus shelters. Start three new bus lines. Establish the parking guiding system in old town.

6. Add 14 public sports facilities. Invite troupes in urban cities to hold 100 shows and plays in the countryside.

7. Conduct free gynecological and breast cancer screening for 10,000 retired and financially poor women. Conduct free health checks for citizens above 65 years old. Build 30 standard working rooms for family doctors in communities.

8. Implement a social security project for residents with registered permits in the district, except for people who hold Shanghai residence permits and have accumulated enough points as well as parents above 49-year-old who lost their only children.

9. Implement comfortable housing project for disabled people. Repair and renovate structurally risky houses for 100 families that have severely disabled and jobless members, with more than one disabled person in one household, or depend on minimum wages. Send home electric appliances to 100 financially-challenged families with disabled members. Build barrier-free facilities for 100 families in financial difficulty which have disabled family members. Provide home-based care services for 1,000 families with disabled members.

10. Implement a community safety project. Install 312 LED electronic displays, 450 surveillance cameras, 32 smart entrance guard systems and anti-climbing devices.

11. Equip old people who live alone in the district with fire emergency tools. Prepare 12 multi-functional fire-fighting electric vehicles for 12 streets and towns.

12. Implement video-networked supervision of 100 major companies on food safety.



Guyi Garden becomes digital scenic spot

Guyi Garden in Shanghai's Jiading district was recently rated as one of the 21 Shanghai digital scenic spots by the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism, local media outlets reported on Jan 19.