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Qiuxia Pu (Qiuxia Garden)

( ) 2013-07-11

As one of the five classical gardens in Shanghai, Qiuxia Garden is the oldest and best conserved. It was built from the 14th year of Emperor Chenghua to the fifth year of Emperor Jiajing of the Ming Dynasty (1505-1526), and served as the private garden of the mansion of Gong Hong, minister of works of the Ming Dynasty.

Qiuxia Garden, designed artistically and delicately with an elegant composition, is highly reputed for its breathtaking beauty. There are many couplets and inscriptions by celebrities in the garden. In 1962, the garden was listed as a Shanghai Municipality Protected Historic Site.

Telephone: 86 (21) 59531949

Address: No 314 Dongdajie Street, Jiading District

Opening: 8am-4:30pm

Ticket Price: 10 yuan

Transport: Metro Line 11 to Jiading Beizhan Station and transfer to Bus No 1 to Jiading TCM Hospital Station



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