Shandong Culture

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  • Shandong Cuisine


    Shangdong Cuisine is representative of northern China's cooking and its technique has been widely absorbed in northeast China.

  • This is Shandong


    Shandong province sits on the lower reaches of the Yellow River and the coast of eastern China, with Jinan as its capital.

  • Mo Yan


    Mo Yan is the pen name of Guan Moye, one of the most celebrated Chinese writers.

  • Pingyin rose


    The opening ceremony for the 2020 China (Pingyin) Rose Cultural Festival was held on May 7 via an online broadcast.

  • Shandong Bangzi


    Shandong Bangzi (Wooden Clapper Opera) is popular in the southwestern cities and rural areas of Shandong province.

  • Heze peony


    The 29th International Peony Cultural Tourism Festival opened on April 10 in Heze, Shandong province.

  • Friendly Shandong


    This is a stretch of magical and old land. Magnificent mountains and vast sea nurture her 7,000-year history of civilization.

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