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  • Jinan Cultural Center


    Jinan Cultural Center is a government-funded public cultural utility and a national grade one cultural center.

  • Shinan District Cultural Center


    Situated at No 105 Yan'an No 3 Road in Qingdao's Shinan district, Shinan District Cultural Center serves as a significant window in Shinan's public cultural activities and spiritual civilization construction.

  • Shandong Cultural Center


    Shandong Cultural Center was established in 1957, and approved to be the Shandong provincial intangible cultural heritage preservation center in 2007.

  • Lijin Cultural Center


    Lijin Cultural Center, established in 1952, is a subsidiary under Lijin press and publication bureau.

  • Weifang Art Gallery


    Weifang Art Gallery, established in 1973, is a nonprofit cultural institution under local government.

  • Zibo Art Center


    Zibo Art Center, started construction in 1958, is an affiliated nonprofit cultural institution under Zibo cultural department.

  • Yantai Art Center


    Yantai Art Center is a national level art center for cultural activities, training and theoretical study. It is a subsidiary of Yantai cultural bureau.