Shandong Culture

Video: A Splendid Culture with a Long History

( Updated: 2020-06-10

Shandong is one of the earliest cradles of humanity, with human fossils found in the area dating back 5,000 years.

With such a long history, vibrant cultures have evolved over time, some of which have even become iconic the world over. The philosopher and educator Confucius, who brought the world Confucianism, was born in Qufu, Shandong province.

Other famous names from Shandong read like a who's who of China's culture and include military strategists Zhuge Liang and Sun Wu, ideologists Mencius and Mo-Tse, calligrapher Wang Xizhi, inventor Lu Ban, doctor Bian Que and poets Xin Qiji and Li Qingzhao.

Click this video to learn more about Shandong's history and culture.

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Jointly produced by the Information Office of the Shandong Provincial People's Government and the Shandong Radio and TV Station, This is Shandong is a series of short clips focusing on the traditional culture, natural landscapes and economic development of Shandong.